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Mary Anne Tribble testified Wednesday in the Nick Lyon prelim exam on her father, John Snyder, who died in 2015 of Legionnaires' disease. @detroitnews @leonardnfleming https://t.co/Iv0xkYHxWs
When the safe drinking water notice went out to residents, @DayneWalling said "I felt like I had to reach out" to officials working for @onetoughnerd to address it. @detroitnews @leonardnfleming https://t.co/S9uO9jZspF
.@DayneWalling testified he routinely heard complaints about the quality of Flint water related to its color and odor from residents in 2014, the year of the state's switch to the Flint River. @detroitnews @leonardnfleming https://t.co/3VFrl5DeuA
Former Flint Mayor Dayne Walling set to testify Wednesday in the Eden Wells prelim exam hearing. Served as mayor from 2009 to 2015. @detroitnews @leonardnfleming https://t.co/gSm7MBjpPs
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