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Sorry to interrupt your timelines. If you read all of this and genuinely pray for me, God has a blessing coming to you. If not, I very much understand. Don’t drain yourself if you have nothing left in your emotional tank. Trust me.🖤
Hopefully, one day these thoughts will be tamed and I’ll have one of those rants about faith, positivity, and overcoming giving up on it all. Hopefully.
I don’t want to be this half-living being forever. I don’t want my mind to win this battle. But my mental state is getting me closer to a point of no return. Please. Just put me in your prayers if you can.
You may not know me, care for me, or maybe you completely think poorly of me or have been hurt by me. But I’m really at a loss of words and strength for myself. I’ve given up.
So I’m writing all of this annoying, "attention-seeking" shit, not to ask for any type of money, suggestions or compliments at all. Just simply to please say a strong prayer for me if you’re capable.
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