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@dulcecalor @SlackeRockage THIS. Also when we bring up his weight, majority of our culture will never be able to be objective because we have such an issue with this. It just opens the door to mock people for something hurtful they can’t control, so why even open that door?
@SlackeRockage Really just trying to back up what Justine was trying to explain to you that you weren’t seeming to get from the part of the convo I saw.
@SlackeRockage Ok? Do you want a cookie for that? I don’t follow or know you, was giving my POV of people pointing out stuff about his weight based on my experience as a fat person and seeing how it’s being handled.
@SlackeRockage I agree, was weird info to be out there in the 1st place. I’m just pointing out by putting a focus on it, it’s leading to people mocking him for something that a lot of folks are and don’t choose to be and that rhetoric is hurting a lot of people more than being critical of him.
100% this is why you should NOT, at all, make fun of Trump for his weight. He doesn’t see your comments, but us fat people do and man, it hurts. So don’t, ok? Thanks! 
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