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@ShawnRyan22 why, then, do some people say specific slurs when they get angry, but other people do not say those slurs even when very angry?
@ShawnRyan22 where did i say anyone was evil or a bad person for doing this? that isn't how i view the world. secondly, are you saying that being angry means people suddenly say slurs or specific phrases to put down a marginalized group, that they would not otherwise think or say?
cool trick for this is to learn more about people who are different from you and grow to see them as other humans rather than just a fun joke caricature you invented to mock them
hot esports tip here folks. stuff you say when you're angry in the heat of the moment also turns out to be what you actually felt, given that you were the person who thought it and said it. if you don't want bigoted insults to "slip out," stop thinking them the rest of the time.
also discussion in here of support roles being generally underappreciated, the power struggle over whether blizzard listens to pro feedback too much or too little, and meditative thoughts from Snow on how change is good. will be fun to see these guys play seoul in a couple hours!
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