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Halloween in the U.S. is Big Business [infographic]

anewdomain.net — Halloween is a holiday for children, and everyone else, to celebrate. Judging by this infographic that's exactly what's happening. aNewDomain - When I was a kid, many years ago, trick or treating on Halloween was a big deal. From a child's perspective, the idea of going door-to-door begging for candy was so weird, so extraordinary, it was practically a magical experience.

Microsoft wants to bring better data visualization to your enterprise - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — In this era of big data, successful enterprises take advantage of data visualization. Microsoft is offering free courses that will train people how to use this reporting technique.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month: How secure is your enterprise? - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — With recent headlines talking about stolen emails and possibly state-sponsored system hacking, every enterprise should be more than a little concerned about cyber security and the overall safety of their data. Let's face it-your information technology systems have been, or someday will be, compromised.

Microsoft adds intelligent cloud collaboration features to Office 365 - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — When information technology companies like Microsoft talk on and on about the merits of artificial intelligence and the power of an intelligent cloud, what are they really talking about? Certainly, there must be more to the intelligent cloud than merely another place to store data.

Democratizing AI: Are you willing to share your most intimate secrets with Cortana? - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — When the major information technology companies in the world discuss the merits of personal digital assistant systems like Cortana, Siri, and Echo, what they are really talking about is applied artificial intelligence.

Enterprise IoT deployment creates a target-rich environment for criminals - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — For years now, the editorial staff of TechRepublic, and just about every other information technology publication around, has been touting the revolution that is the Internet of Things (IoT). If the narrative is correct, the interconnection of just about everything to just about everything else will be the technological innovation that successful enterprises use to gain competitive advantage over their less successful competitors.

How to use advanced options in Windows 10 to access BIOS settings - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — For most of us, and this is a fortunate happenstance to say the least, the BIOS settings on our personal computers are not something we ever have to see or deal with in a significant way. However, under certain circumstances, you may occasionally find yourself needing to access those configuration settings.

Microsoft adds support for Arduino in a push to dominate IoT development - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — Microsoft is looking to make itself the leading platform for IoT developers. Adding Arduino support to its toolbox goes a long way toward that goal.

How to tweak the Windows 10 Action Center to make it less annoying - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — Microsoft Windows 10 has a feature that, in theory at least, sounds like a great idea: an area where the operating system can display important notifications about what your computer is doing and perhaps what problems it is having. The Action Center feature is also an easy and quick way to get to specific setting and configuration screens.

Next generation processors will require Microsoft Windows 10 - TechRepublic

techrepublic.com — Millions of personal computers running at both the enterprise and consumer level have taken the plunge and upgraded to Microsoft Windows 10. For the most part, enterprises and consumers have been pleased with the upgrade and Microsoft has earned the right to consider the new operating system a general success.
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