market structure @business //"It was always worth it/that’s the part I seem to hide"// @LFC

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@cm0nt0y4 @Twitter @LFC Yeah but then two-martini-Matt screws that up, sends an inflammatory tweet and is suddenly no-job-Matt
@jimbinder @antoniabmassa no sir! just a rabies shot and the ability to distinguish kale from chard
@antoniabmassa I guess you all do deserve to exist after all
@antoniabmassa old man voice <<but that's hard>> I just see separation of the various tabs like Home or Notifications -- is there a way to put certain people into its own column?
I wish @twitter had a tab function where I could separate my threads. Sometimes I just want soccer/@LFC tweets, most often I don't want crypto tweets -_- twitter doesn't have this, does it?
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