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How Converting between Addition and Multiplication Makes Math Easier - Scientific American Blog Network

How Instagram is being given a gay makeover — Think of Instagram and you probably imagine a stream of changing-room selfies, envy-inducing holiday snaps and an avalanche of smashed avocado on toast. But there's another aesthetic which arguably defines the online social networking and photo-sharing platform which you may have missed if you're straight.

Scottish theatre quiz for new English boss - video — The National Theatre of Scotland has a new director, Laurie Sansom - and he's English. Culture Editor Matthew Cain tests his knowledge of Scottish theatre - how many would you get right?
Oct 25, 2016

Oh maybe I've just seen too many superhero films now. Am a bit bored by them all. The cape is cool though. #DoctorStrange

Oct 25, 2016

Bit disappointed by #DoctorStrange. It takes ages to get going + tries too hard to be intellectual + philosophical. Just ends up being daft.

Oct 25, 2016

You know your nephews are in town when you're one of the first to see the new Marvel film... #DoctorStrange #halfterm #letsdothis

Oct 24, 2016

@jonmhowells Even the kids were laughing! Not great for his legacy :-(

Oct 24, 2016

Just watched Labyrinth for first time with two nephews. I'd heard it was good but kids were laughing! And Bowie had shocking moose knuckle.

Oct 24, 2016

Starting half-term week looking after the nephews with a trip up the Shard. Here they are trying to spot the sea! :-)

Oct 22, 2016

Is anyone on #XFactor divas week going to sing a song by an actual diva?

Oct 21, 2016

At a sing-a-long screening of GREASE. It's amazing but I want to be the best dancer at Saint Bernadette's - with the worst reputation!

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