Media Monitoring and Alerts

Effective media monitoring is a vital part of your job. It’s how you stay on top of brand mentions, press opportunities and relevant news that could influence your strategy. Considering how quickly news spreads today, you can’t afford to miss a competitor announcement, developing industry trend or breaking news story that could have big consequences for your brand. But the sprawling digital, social and traditional media landscape doesn’t make it easy to keep up.

That’s why we created Muck Rack Alerts. Dubbed “better than Google Alerts” for good reason, Muck Rack Alerts bring the news you need directly to you, right when you need it. Targeted, tailored and delivered at the speed of the Internet, it’s the media monitoring tool today’s agencies and brands rely on to cut through the clutter and proactively shape their brand stories.

Muck Rack Alerts email

Media monitoring directly from your inbox

Break down stories with a click of a tweet. With Muck Rack, you can easily monitor digital, traditional and social media for press hits, mentions of keywords, topics, company names and more. Include or exclude certain media outlets for even more targeted results.

Because Muck Rack Alerts are delivered directly to your email inbox, you’ll discover new PR opportunities the moment they happen, no matter where you are. Not only that, they’ll often get to you faster than Google Alerts, because Muck Rack taps directly into outlet feeds. We don’t have to wait until new articles are indexed by Google—and neither do you.

But don’t worry about adding to that overloaded inbox. You get to prioritize the information you receive throughout the day—as it happens or in a once-per-day digest.

Muck Rack search results

Strike while the opportunity is hot

Use Muck Rack’s media monitoring to track your company, competitors and industry so that you’ll be in the loop when a journalist is sourcing for a story, sharing information on what they’re writing or publishing stories that need your attention in minutes.

Create an Alert before starting a campaign and while researching for new opportunities. With daily or multiple times per day alerts, you’ll receive emails whenever a journalist writes a new article, breaks news on Twitter or shares relevant stories. Just as importantly, Muck Alerts will ensure you’re the first to know—and act—when a crisis hits and you need to be on top of it.

Muck Rack Broadcast Clip Search

Discover and share TV and radio clips

Monitor and search broadcast coverage, to develop your strategy, report on your success, contain crises, train executives and more.

Edit and share clips with a few clicks using Muck Rack’s intuitive clip viewer. Create shareable URLs and send broadcast clips to any of your colleagues. Then easily access saved clips generated by your teammates. Muck Rack automatically tracks who generated clips and when they were saved so you neverlose key information.

Muck Rack Coverage Reports Alerts

Save time with truly integrated features

As a component of Muck Rack’s broader PR software platform, Muck Rack Alerts work seamlessly with all the related tools you use, making you instantly more efficient and productive.

Set up a news alert for a specific Media List, and you’ll be first to know when someone you’ve been trying to reach covers your brand or competitor. Automatically collect press hits in a Coverage Report whenever there is a new article published about the keywords you're monitoring. Muck Rack’s Coverage Reports also allow you to automatically collect press hits any time an article is published about the topics you’re monitoring with Muck Rack Alerts.

“Muck Rack is an incredible timesaver. It has really allowed me and my small team to integrate monitoring and searching into our daily workflow in a way that enhances the process. It allows us to be super strategic and saves us a lot of time.”

“We’ve experienced an incredible amount of time saved on both media monitoring and reporting. Muck Rack systematizes the process.”

“Because of Muck Rack, I don’t have to be Googling, searching and watching TV all the time to know what’s going on. Muck Rack Alerts will help me pick up news that I might miss while in a meeting. It gives me peace of mind that I’m not missing the important things.”

“I love Muck Rack alerts; having highly-relevant news sent to my inbox in real time helps me to efficiently compile a report that senior leadership can put to use.”

“As a brand with a broad footprint, we could have hundreds of posts or conversations a day within the media landscape, so these Alerts help to give us a leg up and take advantage of some of these conversations from top reporters while they’re still hot.”