ACCESS FASHION was created in 2010 by fashion journalist and stylist Sabina Emrit. A reaction to the free falling number of online magazines and blogs that “just seemed to be coming out of nowhere”, it was a way to keep her work “safe”. As a graduate of English Literature, words, texts and stories meant and still mean a great deal to her. “I needed to be able to give my work a platform that was protected. I found it overwhelming how many people were suddenly claiming to be writers, fashion journalists and editors – all without any formal skills or training, often without much fashion knowledge but the know how to set up a blog. However, for me, it was so important to climb my ladder, and climb it carefully – without missing a step and often redoing a few.” Sabina felt she needed to create a resource for quality content across a digital platform. She has worked closely with designers consulting for their collections, launching exclusive content and news on the site and often combining her roles in one outlet with carefully curated features. Source

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