All Year Garden

If you are like me, come spring your garden starts breeding an abundant, energy intensive list of chores, such as cleaning, weeding, annual planting, watering, feeding, cutting the grass, planting more grass, steps 1, 2, 3 and 4, mulching, deadheading, cleaning again, replanting, a lot more watering, more deadheading, planting bulbs, digging out bulbs, fall cleaning and raking of leaves, pruning, protecting tender perennials, and finally giving thanks for the arrival of winter you abandon all interest for the outdoors till spring. You put a lot of time and energy into maintaining your garden for three seasons and it is only fair that your garden should reward you with the fruits of your labor. What if you plan for scent and beauty and your garden fully delivers, and then on top of that it also gives back an abundance of food for your table, provides for next year’s harvest, offers fragrant herbs and flowers for perfume, skin care, remedies for minor health ailments, habitat for little critters, birds and butterflies that will enchant you with color and sound, and colorful contrasting shapes and colors in the dead of winter. Source

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