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ASecureLife.com started in 2008 when our founders decided to purchase a security system for their home. They quickly became frustrated with the lack of transparency in the home security industry, so they dug in, wrote an in-depth review, and ranked security companies based on their findings in the hope that others wouldn’t have to experience the same frustration they did. We have improved the depth of our research every year since then to provide our readers with up-to-date and transparent information about security companies, including pricing, contract lengths, cancellation policies, and customer service history. This research empowers our readers to choose the best security system for them, away from the high-pressure sales tactics common in the industry. Living your most secure life goes beyond home security, which is why we have branched out into every aspect of security. We provide with tips on avoiding and recovering from identity theft, keeping online information secure, and maintaining financial security to help our readers stay safer in every facet of their lives. Source

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