The Balance Plan

Welcome, welcome, to the Balance Plan blog. We are Eminé and Paul Rushton, husband and wife, and soulmates of 17 years. We live in the Kentish countryside with two rambunctious, dramatic and incredibly loving children and a sweet-natured and shy rabbit called Pip. Our home and way of life is very modest – we own a small cottage with a postal stamp-sized back garden, overgrown front green, and productive local allotment plot. I work full-time, as the Health + Wellness Director for my favourite magazine, Psychologies, while Paul is the tender of our children, home and little plot of earth. He is also, incidentally, an incredibly inventive cook (frugal ingredients made nourishing and delicious are his speciality), an intrepid traveller (from Patagonia to Peru, and New Zealand to Nepal) and a very happy camper (put him outside anywhere, no kit necessary, and he'll find his happy place). Source

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