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The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, BIRN, is a close-knit group of editors and trainers that enables journalists in the region to produce in-depth analytical and investigative journalism on complex political, economic and social themes. BIRN emerged from the Balkan programme of the London-based Institute for War & Peace Reporting, IWPR, in 2005. As part of that process, IWPR’s original Balkans team was entrusted with the task of taking local ownership for that programme and making it sustainable, in the light of the changing realities in the region. Since then, its work in publishing, media training and promoting public debate has become synonymous with quality, reliability and impartiality. A fully-independent and local network, it is now developing as an efficient and self-sustainable regional institution to enhance the capacity for journalism that pushes for public debate on European-oriented political and economic reform. Network leadership is composed of award-winning journalists and editors (both local and international), all of whom have many years of professional experience. They share an in-depth understanding of, and interest in, the region and its challenges, including transitional justice, human rights, post-conflict society-building and European integration. Through the production of Balkan Insight, BIRN`s online publication, the network trains local and regional journalists, demanding the highest international standards. Source

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