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Launched in late 2014, BR is a growing yet selective group of Bostonians who are lovers and consumers of among other things, gaming and tech products. Everyone involved with BR comes from engineering and/or marketing background, thus, we come at this from an educated perspective. So why start Beantown? While writing for a no-longer-local blog (not worth mentioning and kinda shady), it was widely acknowledged that there was an absence of and a desire for interesting, readable, and presentable entertainment and consumer tech content in this region of the country. No one wants to read truly weak content. We offer a better, more enjoyable alternative. Our goal is to provide the best content we can possibly create, constantly striving to improve. Our approach is this: be honest, be descriptive, be informative, be creative. In addition to reviewing consumer products, we’ll be providing original news pieces, interviews, press releases, and additional creative content. We hope you enjoy the ride. Positive feedback is always welcome. And if you see us out-and-about, please say hello. Source

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