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Thank you for visiting. We started Best Places for the same reason others built the great companies we aspire to be among: we weren’t able to find what we wanted. What we wanted was credible information about retiring overseas or just moving overseas. What we found instead was a jumble of dispersed information; some credible, some definitely not, and a good amount of sales pitches and “advertorials.” The more we looked, the more it became clear to us that it would be very difficult for anyone to separate the true information from information that was suspect. Literally hundreds of thousands of baby boomers and others were trying to do the same research that we were, which meant that a huge quantity of them would be as frustrated and “turned off” as us, and as a result, just give up altogether on the idea of retiring or moving overseas. What a shame this was, not only for those who decided not to pursue a life overseas because they couldn’t decide who to believe, but also for that portion of vendors who were knowledgeable and trustworthy who otherwise would have had an opportunity to gain a new customer, if only there were a forum for them to display their value and earn their new customers’ trust. Source

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