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Online/Digital is dedicated to reporting breaking news from a black, Christian perspective for the glory of God. One of the reasons why and its affiliate sites were started is because, as we looked over the landscape of Christian media and Christian publications, most of them are operated and controlled by White Christians who have not seen the need to include the many Black and Hispanic Christians who make up a huge part of the body of Christ in America and around the world. This site would have never been created if they had done so. There is more than just one or two African-American Christians doing something for the glory of God and for the Kingdom of God. We feel that they should be included in the national Christian dialogue about issues impacting the lives of all Christians. By the grace of God, in a few short years, has established itself as the leading Christian news site from an African-American perspective that actually reaches all people – red, yellow, black, and white, for all are precious in God’s site. BCNN1 is happy about the fact that we have just as many Whites and Hispanics who come to the site as Blacks. Source

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