California Magyarsag

It has been almost three years since the Hungarians California appears only on the Internet. Readers of the online inquiry, it was found that who cares what is not the same as what we thought when we issued the editors printed newspaper. The printed newspaper is difficult to establish to whom we are interested in, and what they read effectively. Talking subscriber Mikkel was always the feeling that nobody reads the articles. Now, the Internet edition we did not really Articles (maybe I'm writing a politically correct meditation once a month in the BLOG). The internet forty times as many people read the Hungarians in California than there were at the end of 2009 a subscriber. As print newspapers (even American newspapers) took hold soon cease to exist, we consider it important to have a lasting relationship with the public network within the Hungarian-American community. Source

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Scope Local, Hyperlocal/Community
Language Hungarian
Country United States of America
Media Market Los Angeles
UVMs Request pricing
Frequency Weekly
Days Published N/A