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Dinky Guides are the result of Cheshire-based entrepreneurs who stumbled across an “idea” more through luck than planning. It has evolved into one of those few and far between businesses that functions entirely on customer satisfaction rather than profits. In other words, it is success-driven rather than financially-driven. In order to deliver to the high expectations, that we only have ourselves to blame for creating, DINKY relies on sustainable and happy relationships with our writers (Contributors). This can only be achieved if everyone, from owners, through administrators, editors and contributors are totally satisfied. As they say, “…there’s only one definition of a good deal – and that’s where both parties are happy”. DINKY (Double Income No Kids…Yet) was created to plug a clear gap in the market. Whilst the internet revolution has provided zillions of words, articles and features, it’s incredibly difficult to find the right ones. DINKY hopes to solve that. Source

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