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Furniture Magazine is you and me together making something great out of a sick and wounded industry. I run the site, monitor the content and hopefully collect the revenues, and you contribute the content make it exciting and relevant and hopefully pay the expenses. The furniture industry ought to be one of the most exciting places to work, it's all about people using fashion and design to make their biggest investment, their home, uniquely theirs. And it should be easy, after all there are literally thousands and thousands of companies making furniture and accessories, and as many if not more designers and decorators ready to turn your home into a showcase. And yet for those who work in the industry there is a disturbing malaise and disallusionment. It began in the early 90's when the line between manufacturers and retailers became blurred. Cheap imports, high labor costs and the Internet brought fundamental change to an industry that depended on handshakes and family relationships. The ensuing storm brought resentment and bankruptcy and left the industry shaken. "It's not fun anymore." "Too much work for too little return." "Consumers don't know what good furniture is anymore and they'd rather buy disposable anyway." I hear that everywhere, yet out of the ashes we're going to bring good. Rather you are. That's what this site is about. Source

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