F Word Magazine

Born in the winter of 2013/2014 F Word Magazine is a platform featuring fashion, art, music, life-style and every other creative field. Aiming for the newest and to discover the hidden talents throughout the world, F Word has the duty to involve and interact with all sorts of scenes composing therefore the creative population of TODAY; trying always new combinations and styles with the unique purpose of exploring the newness. New designers, new faces, new musicians, new mad-talented-peeps, F Word is thirstily seeking for new talents to be introduced to the world, and perhaps, discover the future big names in the creative industry. With a young but still experienced team, F Word has the charisma and ability to friendly relate with the creative generation, being a strong supporter of talents. Having London as its production and distribution base, F Word looks to reach a market that goes from fashion and life-style to music and entertainment. F Word team is happily proud to introduce itself and to invite you to become one of our partners in the discovery of the newness, building therefore a “our own future” in the creative industry. Keep on keeping on and let it be created! Source

Outlet Details

Scope International
Language English
Country United Kingdom
UVMs Request pricing
Frequency Biyearly