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The HD Guru is consumer electronics industry veteran Gary Merson. He began his 30 year long career in retailing, where he eventually served as VP of operations for a chain of consumer electronics stores. His unique combination of selling floor experience and technical expertise led to consulting jobs with major TV manufacturers. Today he’s best known as an industry analyst and award winning journalist and critic. Merson’s electronic trade publication, HDTV Insider Newsletter, created in 1999, received a 2005 Digital Television (DTV) Academy Award for Best DTV Journalism. His articles and equipment reviews have appeared in Popular Science, Sound and Vision, Best, Robb Report, Digital TV, Home Theater magazine and CNET. He has been quoted as a leading authority on high definition in the NY Times, Newsday, Time magazine and elsewhere. He has tested hundreds of HDTVs since their introduction in 1998. Source

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