Home Technology is rapidly making its way into more and more of our lives. With recent advances, we all have options for Home Automation that not so long ago were only in the realm of those with money to burn. But the proliferation of affordably priced Home Automation and "Internet of Things" devices has created its own set of problems. How do we sort through them all? No worries. That's what HomeTech.fm is here for. The HomeTech website and weekly podcast (hosted by Seth Johnson and Jason Griffing) are your go-to resources for info on the latest home technology trends, including the internet of things, home automation, and much more. At HomeTech, we bring years of experience in the professional Home Automation field to the table. Having worked directly with hundreds of homeowners, our focus on home technology lies where it truly matters, on the end-user (that's you!). With a fresh, approachable take, HomeTech.fm is your go-to source for what really matters in Home Technology. Source

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