Horse Country

Horse Country’s aim is to be a multi-discipline, multi-breed publication. The majority of readers are female, aged 25 to 60, who are often the family and business decision makers. Family income is more often $80,000 and up. Reader ages span seven years old to 85 years old, male and female; it’s a magazine for the family. Readers usually own their own homes, and have two vehicles (either two cars or a car and a truck). Many readers also own or have access to a trailer, and travel extensively to shows across central Canada. Parents are heavily involved in the equine activities of their children, through 4-H, Pony Club, and other clubs and associations. Magazines are often shared between families, and even between neighbours. Magazines have a long life: many people keep every copy for future reference to advertisers and articles. Readers include farmers or people who operate rural businesses such as breeders, trainers, stable operators, professional riders and recreational riders, as well as a wide range of other business owners. Source

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