Inside Telephony

When Garaham Bell discovered he could send voice signals thorugh a wire, he didn't know his invention will lead to the development of an industry worth billions of dollars. 21st century with all its other dimensions of change also diversified the technologies & mediums for voice communications. Lot has happened till this moment. The convergance of Information Technology (IT) with Telephony and then a resultant in the form of a new telecom era are un-ignorable happennings for anyone who is either a user of telecommunication services or an entrepreneur. We at present a website that will act as a full of information portal for those who want to know the insights of telecom industry - that includes telephony, Voice over IP (VoIP), wireless, telecom hardware & software. team includes a bunch of telephony related - or lets be more broad - telecom related professionals, analysts and entrepeneurs. From AT&T, Vonage, BT to Avaya & Etisalat, has contacts in every region of the world. These sources act as primary sources of information, analysis and feedback while publishing our content on the website. Source

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