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Nerd culture and humor. It’s a perfect mixture. And it’s somewhere within the venn diagram of the two that Kinda Funny exists. Kinda Funny -- run by five friends out of San Francisco -- is made up of video game industry veterans who all left their cushy day jobs at the world’s biggest gaming website to strike out on their own. Founded in September of 2014 (and the boys’ full time day jobs as of January 2015), Kinda Funny has grown by leaps and bounds, all thanks to a dedicated audience of “Best Friends” who consume copious amounts of content, all the while helping to fund the operation and making it a reality. Do you like insane conversations about completely random topics, including comics, movies, and more? Kinda Funny’s flagship podcast, The GameOverGreggy Show, just might be for you. If gaming is more your speed, The Kinda Funny Gamescast may just be up your alley (along with PS I Love You XOXO, the Internet’s #1 PlayStation podcast). Kinda Funny Morning Show lights up Twitch each and every weekday at 11am PT with the nerdy news of the day, while Love & Sex Stuff pioneers a new form of relationship advice weekly on YouTube. Podcasts. YouTube shows. Live streams. Kinda Funny is all about fusing its love of gaming and nerd culture with those steadfast forms of Internet entertainment. We hope you enjoy the ride. Source

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