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Legit Reviews was created in the summer of 2002 by Nathan Kirsch to give computer users around the world an inside view into the current computer industry and a peek into what the future holds for all of us. After running and starting a successful series of LAN parties at Truman State University and co-founding the school-charted TSU Counter-Strike League (later renamed Computer Gaming Association), he became aware that many gamers did not fully understand what computer hardware was best for gaming and that a large number of the online reviews were biased. Since he already worked very closely with the companies who design and create the products, as many of them sponsored the LAN parties, he began doing independent product reviews. By early 2009 the site is being frequented by more than 500,000 visitors a month looking for the honest truth in our product reviews. Legit Reviews has also become known for its flame free forums that the you just can’t get on other sites. Source

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