Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post is the leading Pakistani American newspaper that has played pivotal role in breaking stories about changing political governments in Pakistan. In Pakistan Post’s New York office, Mr. Naeem Bokhari’s letter was translated and printed for the very first time in February 2007. The letter’s publication resulted in a bigger controversy of freedom of justice and speech in Pakistan. This letter brought about the discussion of the returning of army to barracks in Pakistan; Pakistan Post had also predicted the massacre in Karachi of May 12th, 2007 and its consequences on Mutahidda Quami Movement (MQM), Pakistan Post had given Prime Minster Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali’s date of resignation ten weeks prior to his resignation in 2004, and Pakistan Post had mentioned Mr. Bulkh Sher Mazari’s name as the interim Prime Minster in 1992 when only a chosen few in Pakistan knew about him, seven months before he took oath as an interim Prime Minister. Source

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