pcGameware prides itself on one major thing above all others and that is the accuracy of its reviews. That is not to say that this is a site dedicated to nerds (although James has been called one on numerous occasions!), this accuracy comes from the fact that each review will be carried out over a 5 – 10 day period by someone who actually plays games and the component being reviewed will be part of our Test Rig for that period of time. These components for review wont be tested on test-benches or in open cases as that’s not what YOU will be doing! These reviews will not be done within a matter of hours because of a products newness to market and we have no reason to favour one manufacturer over another, nor are we trying to sell you anything. As we are also not after being one of the first reviews to be published this should allow us to bring you some of the most balanced and accurate reviews on the web. Source

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