Sapulpa Daily Herald

The Sapulpa Daily Herald, "Creek County's Only Daily Newspaper," is a five-day (Sunday and Tuesday through Friday) daily newspaper published in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, United States. It is owned by the Sumner family. They also own four other Oklahoma papers. Founded in September 1914 by John W. Young and O.S. Todd, the Sapulpa Daily Herald later merged with the older Sapulpa Evening Light -- the city's oldest newspaper, founded in 1896 as a weekly, and relaunched as a daily in 1908 -- when the Light's publisher, Oren Miller Irelan, entered a partnership with Young. By the time the two sold the Herald to R.P. Matthews in 1944, it was one of only two newspapers in the city (there had, at one point, been six). Source

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Scope Local
Language English
Country United States of America
Media Market Topeka
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Frequency Daily
Days Published Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun

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