SchoolArts magazine originated in 1901 in Massachusetts when Henry Turner Bailey(state agent for the Promotion of Industrial Drawing), Fred Daniels (supervisor of drawing in the city of Worcester), James Hall (supervised drawing in Springfield), and Gilbert Gates Davis (a printer) collaborated to produce The Applied Arts Book, now known as SchoolArts. They believed art teachers needed a periodical to help them develop and use emerging art curricula. Contributing writers have included Arthur Wesley Dow, Viktor Lowenfeld and John Dewey. SchoolArts articles have been used for movements such as Picture Study, the Arts and Crafts movement, and multiculturalism. SchoolArts grew and started publishing books. In 1958, Davis Publications was incorporated as a separate company that continued to publish SchoolArts. The publisher, Wyatt Wade, is married to Erika Davis Wade who is Gilbert Davis' great granddaughter. Source

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