Online/Digital developed through a collaboration between John Sackton, Founder of, and Paul Brown, President of Urner Barry. In 1994 John Sackton founded to provide internet services, and market data and research to the Seafood Industry. He also began selling some Urner Barry data products, including Foreign Trade Data, and advising Urner Barry on web development ideas. By 1998, John was writing some news stories on the website as a way of increasing traffic. That year, Urner Barry came into the business as a partner, and helped expand the news service. In 2000 during the height of the dotcom boom, Paul and John considered venture capital funding for, but ultimately sold the company to iTradeNetwork. When iTradeNetwork determined seafood was not one of their core markets, John repurchased, and unwound the deal. In 2002 became a subscription news service, and was incorporated into Urner Barry’s Comtell service for seafood. Since then, has become the most widely read daily seafood industry news service in North America, and has a strong international following as well. In the year 2000, there were more than 38 companies trying to provide information and trading services to the seafood industry online. Only 2 have survived. Our longevity is due to our honesty with both our friends and the industry as a whole; our independence; and our commitment to the overall success of the seafood industry as the cornerstone of our own success as well. Source

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