In the early days of snooker, it was generally accepted that the game of snooker originated in the British Army garrisons of India as a combination of the various billiard games, particularly English billiards, which where then commonly played. Beyond this nobody laid claim to its specific origins until a debate began in the late 1930s. One thing is certain though, the game in which Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain of the Devonshire regiment claims to have named snooker ("snooker" once being a derogatory term for a first-year cadet of the Royal Military Academy of Woolwich in England) in 1875, and which for many years was referred to as snooker's pool, bore more relation to the existing billiard games of the time than the modern game of snooker – fewer balls were used, they were positioned on different spots, had different values, and the scoring sequence and rules would be unrecognizable to a follower of today's game of snooker. Source

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