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Socialist Worker is a revolutionary socialist newspaper produced by the Socialist Workers Party, Britain’s largest revolutionary socialist organisation. It has been published every week since 1968. This website contains online reports, articles from the print edition, together with an archive of Socialist Worker stories going back to 1999. We’re proud of our long record of supporting the workers’ movement in Britain, from its high point in the early 1970s, through the tremendous battles fought against Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980s, right up to today’s strikes against austerity and David Cameron’s coalition. Over the years we’ve also supported struggles against racism and for the rights of women, sexual minorities and other oppressed groups. Socialist Worker played a key role in the foundation of the Anti Nazi League in 1977 that saw off the fascist National Front, and we continue that tradition today with our support of Unite Against Fascism’s campaign against the Nazis and racists of the British National Party and English Defence League. Source

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