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The International Space Fellowship (ISF) is an international news and information network dedicated to the development of the space industry. The organisation works to report and communicate space news and information to its valued community. Offering a unique and fresh approach, the International Space Fellowship works alongside leading space organisations with the goal of bringing space to the general public. Our online news service finds the latest space news from both inside and outside our community often meaning we are the first place for breaking news. The ISF works as a platform to promote global networking, we see the general public playing an active role in space exploration. Our community forum has become a hotbed for space enthusiasts to share their thoughts and ideas, our knowledge sharing culture remaining at the heart of the ISF ethos. We offer a range of services with quality being at the forefront of progression, our innovative team working to give users a unique online experience. Working to accommodate users’ needs we are in a constant state of evolution as we mould to fit the changing needs of our members. Our team combines experience with expertise with a shared vision of giving our members the most accurate and informative resource available to them. Source

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