What comes to mind when you consider technology and folks over age 50? For many who now develop technology, they don’t consider us at all. And if they do, they often consider us technologically ignorant or irrelevant. They have forgotten that our generation, led by folks like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, created much of the technology on which our digital world has been built. But our numbers are too huge to ignore. 50+ ‘ers are expected to comprise 45% of the U.S. population this year. That’s 144 million of us with disposable income of about three trillion dollars. As this generation has aged we have not lost our passion for technology. We have lost some of our eyesight, our hearing, and our manual dexterity. But most of all we’ve lost our patience dealing with stuff that doesn’t work right. And that’s what Tech50+ is all about. We look at technology through our eyes. Not through the eyes of a twenty-something working for a gadget site. Not through the eyes of a thirty-something marketing manager who is hoping to sell millions of whatever to people who aren’t us. Not through the eyes of someone in a big box store who talks down to anyone with gray hair. We want our readers to know what products work for us, and which don’t. We’ll tell you if we’ve had to call customer service to get some product to work right. We’ll let you know if you’re going to need a magnifying glass to read the manual, and if you’ll need a translator who knows Geek or Chinese to explain it. We’re here to tell you about technology that will help you live a better life, a fun life, an active life, a caring life, a connected life. We know that technology now permeates almost every aspect of our lives, from entertainment to health care, from connecting with family and friends to connecting with your car. And we’re here to help you keep up with it. Source

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