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We live in an exciting time. Technological innovation is developing rapidly and our response to it will dictate our future. In much the way the Internet changed the world in the 90s, we, as a society, are about to transform drastically again. However, instead of just one technology influencing our future, there are multiple. They will change how we operate and new industries will emerge. When science and technology integrates completely into everything we do, innovators will be seen as celebrities on a mainstream scale. At Defiant, we are on the forefront of documenting this constant evolution through unique, high quality editorial content infused with the latest interactive elements. Our content will always be relevant, digestible, and will show our readers how they can truly incorporate these sci-fi realities into their everyday. Each issue will cross between the contemporary and the futuristic, to allow people in the present to relate to tomorrow. We will also support, and help develop new revolutionary technologies we encounter. Source

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