The Indian Awaaz

Media has been enjoying freedom in India, yet a large section of the society in the country still feel neglected in the existing mainstream newspapers and television channels. Poor, minorities, farmer, tribal and other deprived section of the society are not able to get the space they deserve in the national media. The Indian Awaaz is a concerted effort to fill this vacuum. We do not claim to revolutionise the media in the country, yet we assure you that the TIA will not ignore section of people who have been neglected for years. Moreover it would also strive to bridge the increasing gap between the majority and minority communities in the country. Besides news, we would try to provide all sorts of interesting stuffs that would attract all section of the society. Behind the The Indian Awaaz is a group of committed journalists who have vast experience in the mainstream Indian media. We have also bureau and reporters in different part of the country. Our team of hardworking journalists/contributors and well wishers are doing every effort to make the portal more informative and thought provoking. They are also trying to popularize it across the world. Source

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