The Upscout

There’s not a lot to tell. We love finding awesome stuff that any guy would want and spend a lot of time crawling the internet, talking to people, and exploring new brands to bring that stuff to you. Everything from the inexpensive to the uber-expensive, if it is awesome and guys will love it, we post it. We try to shine some light on five products every day Monday through Friday so you will always have something for you or someone else. Sometimes it’s a super car that you may have to just dream about. Sometimes it’s the perfect addition to your bugout bag. Sometimes it’s the perfect hoodie. Sometimes it’s a cool new piece of gadget technology. What we guarantee is that it will always be something awesome that passes our own personal “Oh man, I want that” test before we show it to you. We get especially excited about small companies focused on creating amazing products who need a little exposure. Source

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