THE VOICE OF A WOMAN is a platform for women in film and the arts, exploring creativity and expression across a variety of disciplines. VOW plays an important role in presenting the works of both established and emerging women in film and the arts. A central part of our mission is to not only give 'voice' to the aesthetic expressions, sensibilities and points-of-view of women artists, but to also give 'voice' to the stories and experiences of women and girls globally - creating a 'space' for full, authentic, self-expression and commentary on our world today. We believe that the arts, creativity and innovation, have the power to influence and drive social and cultural change: as a platform for a diversity of voices, stimulating discourse, bringing awareness to international social justice, civil and human rights concerns; as a vehicle to showcase original and often marginalized voices; as a forum for information-sharing; and as a catalyst sparking innovative ideas for the future, ‘paying it forward’ to the next generation. Source

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