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The mainstream sports media landscape has long been controlled by a few giants that have completely lost touch with their customers. Rather than cater to the desires of consumers, many sports outlets would rather push their social and political agendas on unwilling eyes and ears. Sports fans in heartland America are left without a home in sports media. That all changes with The Wildcard. Sports fans have a new source for the sports stories they care about without the agendas they don’t. What is The Wildcard? In short, The Wildcard is “Sports for the everyman.” We seek to attract the millions of sports fans who have grown disenchanted with the major players in sports media. First and foremost, we aim to provide high quality sports content that will resonate with this group, as well as sports fans everywhere. We refuse to shy away from controversial topics and we aren’t afraid to take stances that fly in the face of political correctness. We understand our audience, and know the type of news and information they want to see in their social media feeds. We are a new generation of sports media. Source

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