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TFF believes that festivals are worth talking about for what they are: we don't really believe that "bands X and Y were great whilst band Z was rubbish because they only played songs from their new record" constitutes valuable festival coverage, instead we believe in covering festivals for what has made them successful - the vibe, the atmosphere, the feeling. Whether it is in a field in Dorset, multiple venues in Cardiff or a desert in Nevada, the best festivals aren't simply the ones with the biggest names on the bill, they are the ones that invite the punters in and create a cosy, friendly atmosphere. For it is those moments that make you feel part of something special that makes a good festival an unforgettable experience. Increasingly people are sacrificing traditional holidays abroad for a weekend in a field - and they are the greatest weekends of their lives, regardless of whether the sun shines or your tent gets swallowed up with mud. Source

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