I have been helping women to breastfeed for more than 30 years and although I am passionate about the subject I could not understand why such a seemingly natural instinct was not shared and experienced by all women. I have breastfed my own five babies for a total of 7 years so I picked up many tips along the way. In 2002 I decided to write down my advice and tips to see what resulted and within three weeks I had the basis of a book! I would not be put off, so decided to print draft copies and send them out as a way of gauging interest. I sent it to friends, relatives, mothers, fathers, grannies, granddads, midwifery colleagues, business contacts, media personalities, breastfeeding associations, agents and publishers. Again and again I received the comment: "If only your book had been around when I started to breastfeed." This spurred me on to succeed and although I was unable to persuade a publisher to take me on (even though their comments were extremely supportive) the interest was so great I decided to start my own company and self- publish. Hence the name "Trotters Independent Publishing Services". My name is Trotter, my project was definitely independent and I was publishing my own book. It also contains many useful tips, which is how TIPS was born! Now for the logo! Why a duck? Source

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