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Tom’s IT Pro offers buying guides, hands-on product reviews, news analysis, how-to articles and case studies around vital technology segments in the rapidly changing world of business technology. We cover cloud computing, software and services, storage, mobility, information security, networking and more. Tom’s IT Pro is a peer-based, trusted resource for IT experts making purchasing decisions. We strive to help IT professionals through every stage of the purchase process, from understanding the most important enterprise technology and how it works, to making a business case for buying the technology, to becoming experts in implementation. We analyze technology categories by listing the key players, asking them the tough questions, comparing their products across features and testing the technology. Tom’s IT Pro was founded in February 2011, and comes from the team that also brings you Tom’s Hardware and Tom’s Guide. In 1996, Dr. Thomas Pabst started Tom’s Hardware as a hobby. The website became a popular source for benchmarks and guides on how to build and improve computer systems. Today, Tom’s Hardware is published in several languages and offers product reviews, comparisons, news and articles geared towards the computer enthusiast crowd. Tom’s IT Pro aims to solve a similar need, but is geared toward the IT professional. Source

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