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Welcome to Top 100 Golf Courses - the only independent website dedicated to the best golf courses of the World.Our mission is to connect passionate golfers with the world’s greatest golf clubs. Through this connection, we bring you unique and current course information, pictures and special offers from participating clubs. We also give you the ability to share your viewpoint through our “write a review” facility. You can even email your course photographs to us and, if they are suitable, we’ll put them online. Our ultimate aim is to feature every golf course that has ever appeared on a reputable ranking list and also we’ll bring you some gems that shine brightly but are often overshadowed. We're a team of passionate club golfers with mixed handicaps and we simply love golf courses, their rich heritage and fascinating architecture. We decided to take our passion a step further. We’ve built an independent company and we’re now committed to playing, reviewing and promoting our greatest golf courses. Source

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