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Trail Rider Magazine is an east coast, off-road riding and racing magazine only, no MX (but we do love to moto!). We may be New England based but we are not New England biased. Though most of our readers are from the east coast, we test bikes and products in a way that’s relevant to anyone that rides in the woods. Trail Rider has always had the best coverage of the NETRA and ECEA racing, and when we’re sufficiently happy that we’ve converted this clapped out, twin shock, bird cage mat into a modern day read, we’ll push westward. Clapped out as we are, it hasn’t stopped us from covering the National Enduro and GNCC’s from a riders’ perspective with an emphasis on the terrain, experience, and set-up tips for each venue. We are also not afraid to hang out with the pros in an effort to get in their heads and share what we’ve learned. Source

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