Ultimas Noticias (Venezuela)

Últimas Noticias is the highest selling daily newspaper in Venezuela. It was founded in Caracas on 16 September 1941 after the pro-freedom measures implemented by President Medina Angarita. It initially bore the name Diario del Pueblo (the people's newspaper), and was created by Víctor Simone D´Lima, “Kotepa” Delgado, Vaughan Salas Lozada and Pedro Beroes. Miguel Ángel Capriles Ayala acquired the majority of the shares in 1948. He is the current president of La Cadena Capriles, having assumed that position in 1998. On 16 October 2000 it was relaunched, adopting a more colloquial tone and aiming to be more of a guide to daily life. In mid-2002 it began printing in colour on every page. From 2004 to 2006 it launched four regional editions (for different areas of Greater Caracas) in addition to the national one. In 2013, the newspaper was sold to an "investment group" that was allegedly more sympathetic to the Venezuelan government for between $160-180 million. Source

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Scope National
Language Spanish
Country Venezuela
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Frequency Daily
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