Wattnow Magazine

When it comes to the field of electrical engineering, no one understands the field better than the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers. The new look wattnow magazine, launched in November 2011 has shifted the magazine up into top gear. It now receives the attention of South Africa’s boardrooms and engineering offices. It has a vibrant new look as well as fresh, high value content, written by some of the country’s foremost role players and subject matter experts, as well as a mix of excellent writers from the global electrical engineering community. If you want to attract/hold the attention of electrical engineer decision makers, and the major industry stakeholders, then wattnow is the way to go. It reaches over 17,000 readers amongst the electrical engineering fraternity, with 42% of the SAIEE members under 40 years of age. Source

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Scope National, Trade/B2B
Language English
Country South Africa
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