Western Woods and Waters

WESTERN WOODS & WATERS celebrates the multi-faceted angling and hunting experience in Western Canada, sharing with our readers the excitement, the awe and the challenges of life in the outdoors, be it in Prairie, high alpine or subArctic taiga. We strive to provide our readers with accurate, informative, useful and entertaining reading in a print magazine that can be enjoyed and shared beyond the umbilicus of electrical plugs or ever-hungry batteries. To achieve this goal, we rely on the participation of contributing writers throughout Western Canada. We publish articles that share the outdoor experience and we publish articles which address controversial subjects of relevance to the anglers and hunters within our region. As such, we depend on our writers to be passionately knowledgeable about their subject, to be compelling in their approach and well-grounded in their understanding. Among our contributors are award-winning outdoor writers and photographers, but our doors are also open to beginning writers who share that passion and are willing to lean on our experienced editorial staff for guidance. Source

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