WhereCanWeGo was founded in 2004 by John South, an IT consultant, and Kimble Earl, a marketing specialist. The service was launched publicly in the summer of 2005 after a year or so of research and development. Says Kimble: "We all know the feelings: Saturday turns out wet and the family is bored. We're on holiday and have a free day. It's a quiet moment in half-term and we just want something interesting to do. We want to plan our long weekend away. Until now finding out what is on within sensible travelling distance is a problem. Local newspapers - if to hand - may only have limited information from local event organisers who pay for advertising space. National newspapers and magazines are so expensive to advertise in that only the largest of the large can afford to feature in their columns. Tourist Information Centres - when open - are helpful but only have limited time to spare for telephone callers. Trawling the web is time consuming and frustrating - with endless outdated or irrelevant information and far from complete; there's plenty of detail on specialist sites, but it's a question of finding them… Source

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