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Our mission is to provide continuously updated information for and about working and sport dog professionals and enthusiasts and their dogs. Our interest is a personal one -- we own several German Shepherd Dogs that we train for Assistance dog, Schutzhund, and agility and one Rottweiler/GSD Mix that has worked for over 9 years as an Assistance Dog. Working Dogs Cyberzine is "working and sporting dog central" -- where anyone in the world can instantly access current, accurate information about canine health, training, events, and newsmaking accomplishments. This site focuses on our canine athletes and duty-bound heroes who are active in Assistance, Guide, Schutzhund, Ring Sport, K-9, drug and bomb detection, Search and Rescue, herding, sledding, agility, flyball, guiding, therapy, and more. If there's a job to do, a working dog can do it; a competition to win, and you'll find a sporting dog on the podium. Working Dogs is a free, electronic magazine. In addition to the articles that I write and publish on the site, readers from around the world also submit articles, news items, and event announcements. I regularly surf the Internet and provide links to articles and information of interest to working dog enthusiasts. Working Dogs is published only on the web, at no cost both to its readers and to those who wish to promote their working and sport dog-related trials and events. Subscribe to our convenient, free Working Dogs Newsletter to stay on top of late-breaking news and events. Source

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